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... image processing, proof, offset printing, digital printing, large format printing, finishing, finishing, lettershop, shipping logistics ...

Specialization? Division of labor? We can do EVERYTHING.

For your requirements, we provide state-of-the-art technology, complete and with unusually high vertical range of manufacture. As our industry is increasingly specialized and industrialized, such full-service providers are hard to find. We think a fast Berlin needs a fast print shop! That's why we are here for you.

Analogous? Digital? All!

According to your product, we offer you the optimal printing process in terms of cost and scheduling. High-quality digital printing, offset printing from 35x50 cm to 70x100 cm, as well as the combination of both printing methods are available. In addition, we are well connected with suppliers, suppliers and our colleagues to make the impossible possible.

Printing is only the beginning

Whether embossing, punching, perforating, spot varnish or effect varnish, matt film lamination or UV varnish, Swiss brochure or Japanese block binding, Wire-O binding or bookscrews: the most sophisticated product can be realized in such a composite.

We are legendary customer connoisseurs

We have an open ear for you. First and foremost, quality is the result of communication. Because only when we have understood your product, it will succeed as you have imagined. We take great care to harmonize your wishes with our technology. Whether you optimize our file with our prepress or develop new creations of print finishing with our specialists and complex requirements for further processing, you can always use all our knowledge. We guide you through the flood of constantly new materials and do not tell you that all this is no good. And since we've been working with open eyes and ears for a very long time, we have a solid grid on hand to query the things that matter in every step of the production process. Because we talk to each other, of course. This also works when it is particularly urgent again. The whole thing - based on Preflight-Check, ISO certified proofing and dummy production for complicated products - gives you control over your product and the safety for an optimal result right from the start.

Pack, shipping, let arrive!

And when the finished products are on the table, we are far from finished. We assemble according to your wishes. Inserting, filling and all necessary handicrafts to create their product in top form to the customer are routinely taken over by us. Lettershop services, bulk shipping by parcel service, forwarding or warehousing, if necessary with customs declaration - as far as questions of shipping, you are in good hands with us, always with a keen eye on the costs.

Landesgartenschau Oranienburg, signpost

Objective: Signpost for hanging in offset printing, die-punched

Our performance:
2-fold loop stitching, make braid line in orange to size, knot manually on the map

40 pages 16 x 13.5, 5/5 colored with dispersion varnish on 115g matt-coated paper, ring-stitching, die-cut of the complete brochure

Anniversary mailing for Möbel Hübner
Objective: card with window to open and disconnect (as in the advent calendar)

Our performance:
Determination of the correct perforation (tooth spacing) to allow easy opening, construction of the die

4/4 colored + dispersion varnish on 200g imprinted matt. Bindery: punching, folding, gluing the 2 halves. Send with cover letter as a personalized mailing

Maritim Hotel:

Tray for finger food (for 4 bowls)


space-saving storage (delivered unattended) easy to build up the carton, cost-effective

Our performance:

Construction of the box, making samples to test the optimum box thickness


2 parts print 4/0 colored + dispersion varnish on 380 g GC 1, punch

Bottle trailer with a collection picture

Desperaux advertising as a trailer for beverage bottles with self-adhesive collecting image for peeling and elsewhere gluing

Our performance:
Make a sandwich label, stick in stamped tags

Sandwich label 4-color, 2-fold self-adhesive with 4 motifs alternating on roll. Bottle hanger 4/4 colored on 170g glossy picture print. Punch, glue in label, fold

Our last-minute print from the flyer to the stand logo:

You are not in the rain with us. But in the spotlight!

In the preparatory phase for your trade fair appearance, your conference or your large product presentation your team works under pressure, the minefield of eventualities produces urgent necessities and every hour new decisions are demanded of you. With us as a partner for your print media, you have a team at your side that confidently realizes even the tightest deadlines and does not lose track of things.

What we can do for you.

We manufacture for you in-house all the needs, from the invitation, like personalized, about catalogs, price lists, product sheets, to roll-up systems, banners and exhibition boards. Name tags for your guests, completed handouts, VIP tapes or a magazine that shows you and your clients at an event that takes place only this morning, in real time of course, are not an issue for us.

If you want to be fast, you have to know how!

Whether a magazine in an edition of 2000 copies on the occasion of the awarding of the Golden Camera finished enveloped and addressed mailed post or delivered or Bayer forget his menu in Dusseldorf and we within a short time for replacement worry: We love such challenges and still have Do not leave a customer in the rain. Our drivers are not looking for our customers for long - they know him. Our clerks know which courier is the last to leave the city and which freight forwarder will accept shipments on Sunday. The qualification and experience of our employees bring your ideas to the point, at the right time, to the right place. This promise we hold for many years, among others. for the Berlinale, the Bundestag and Bundesrat, the Goldene Kamera, the Stiftung Marktwirtschaft, Tobis-Film and many more.

Consulting, material selection and optimal production

Secret science was yesterday - Free dialogue for free customers

Having come through the pitch with flying colors, after a long finish with the customer a final expression with the release of their customer and now waiting for the finished work from your printing house - often the moment of disappointment, for you and your client.

The answer of the manufacturers: 'In this selection of materials no wonder, as these pictures are separated, must indeed gray, silver matt foil laminated is now gray and not silver' .... etc, etc. Most creatives know this form of the answer mostly recited in the tone of knowing omnipotence or jovial condescension. Paternic pounding of the worst sort 'a little more experience is needed' ... Secret scientists seem to be at work, only in the case of defense of failed works, knowledge flashes up like the shield in the sun.

It does not have to work that way!

Your knowledge of communication and design, with our knowledge of technology and materials, should lead to that optimal product that stands at the end of a dialogue between knowledge divisors.

Explain to us your intention and your imagination. Send us your designs at an early stage and we will put our experience with printing materials, colors, finishing and further processing at your side. Also in a personal appointment, with material to touch, patterns to stimulate and real printers to watch.

And what we do not know, others know ...

... of whom we know where to find them. A large network of lithographers, accomplished draw artists, advertising material manufacturers, refiners and highly specialized finishing specialists is at your disposal to solve their problems.

Large format & banner printing

You want to come out mega-big?
We are making the mega-big pressure!
... on trucks, in front of scaffolding, on columns, walls and facades - with mega posters, banners and flags ...

Can it be a bit bigger? Then we do it. As big as you want. With maximum know-how, suitable technology, high-quality materials.

The prices are small, the delivery times are short. Then, in the end, customer satisfaction is huge. Promised.

We print:

  • Truck tarpaulins convincingly transport advertising messages
  • Blockout advertising banner with opaque separating layer for double-sided printing
  • Mesh tarpaulins and banners whose lattice structure rushes through the wind and weathers any weather
  • Self-adhesive foils for decorating, advertising and shooters
  • Blueback-Affichen - the poster paper with blue colored backside does not show anything
  • Decorative fabrics and flags that catch glances, indoors and outdoors
  • Backlight foils, which stay brilliant and color-stable indoors and outdoors for a long time.

print formats

We can print:

  • Desired formats in any length and up to a width of 500 cm,
  • for textile materials up to a width of 350 cm.

printing techniques

For a high-quality, photo-realistic printing we use inkjet systems. In contrast to conventional printing processes, inkjet prints without contact. There is no need for a fixed printing form, which means that different texts and graphics can be printed in succession. The ink is wax-based.

Textile materials are printed by the thermal sublimation process. At high temperatures up to 400 ° C, the wax is made gaseous in order to vaporize it.

Assembly and service

Perfection to a good end: the cut to measure. Clear. And of course the perfect finish: for example, the equipment with eyelets and hemstitching for tarpaulins, banners and flags.

We offer a construction and installation service in cooperation with advertising technicians.

Last but not least: All materials are B1 certified, so they are flame retardant.


This is done almost immediately. After 24 hours, if possible; but no later than within a week, depending on the scope of the project.